Easy Quickicons is a Joomla! extension that lets you add custom shortcuts for various components in your Joomla! control panel. It has an easy installer that incorporates both a component and a module. The Easy QuickIcons backend manager component will help you organize your quickicons shortcuts. The extension is also integrated to Joomla upgrade system.

How to Install

Extract first the downloaded zip file. The extracted files contains two zip files installers, one for Joomla 2.5 and the other for Joomla 3.x version. Look for the a zip file named "pkg_easyquickicons_lite_3.x.x_INSTALL.zip" and install in Extension->Extension Manager->Install->Upload Package file. After successful installation, the extension is now ready for use. 


How to manage your custom quickicons

In your Joomla! administrator panel, go to Components - Easy Quickicons menu. You will then be redirected to the Easy QuickIcons Manager. On that page you can add, edit, delete, order, publish, unpublish any custom quickicons or even group them in category.


Creating Easy Quickicons categories

In Easy Quickicons Manager, click and open the "Categories" menu. Click "New" and name your new category. Click save when finished. Please note that a "Custom" category is created automatically for you upon installation.


How to add a custom Quick icon image - PRO version ONLY

Create or edit an existing quickicon. In the  "Icon Type" field, select "custom icon" from the drop down menu. Then select or upload your custom icon in the "Custom Icon" field


How to choose a module display layout

Go to Extensions->Module Manager. Find and edit the Easy Quickicons module. Go to "Advanced Options" menu under the "Options" tab. Then set the module display layout in the "Alternative layout" field. Choose only from either small or big layout. Choosing the default layout might make your custom icon to not display properly.


How to upgrade to PRO version

After purchasing and downloading the PRO version, you can directly install the Easy QuickIcons in your site by going to Extensions - Extension Manager in your Joomla admin panel. You DO NOT need to uninstall the free version. The installer will automatically upgrade it and your existing QuickIcons shortcuts will remain intact.